Michael Jackson & Eddie Murphy Whatzupwitu Official Version [HD] (1080p)

[Verse 1: Eddie Murphy]
Sun is gonna shine
Flowers gonna grow
The clouds will sprinkle showers
Rivers gonna flow
Man ain't got the power
To kill nothing but himself
Man is a creation
Man is nothing else

[Chorus: Michael Jackson]
Whatzup, whatzup, whatzupwitu?
Whatzup, whatzupwitu?
Whatzupwitu? (x2)

[Verse 2: Eddie Murphy (& Michael Jackson)]
Always is the mountain, always is the trees
Always is the ocean, always is the seas
We can't stop this world, 'cause it's not our world
We can just jack each other up
Heavenly Father been mighty patient
He got your number
Peeped your disease
(He knows you're falling', you're falling', you're falling')
Mmm... falling'
Man is a creation
Man is nothing else


[Outro: Eddie (Michael)]
Always is the mountain
(Always is the trees)
Always is the ocean
(Always is the seas)
(Ohh!) (Baby, hear the children sing!)
(Whatzup? Whatzup?) (x2)
Whatzup? Whatzupwitu?
(Whatzupwitu? Oh!)
(Whatzup? Whatzupwitu?) (x2)
Tell me know whatzup!